The Drink N Noodle Story

     For several years I have told my family that we need to get a boat for summer recreation. That dream came true in May of 2009. We bought a family cruiser to use at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. While boating and swimming at the lake, everyone seemed to float on noodles in the water and at the same time were holding drinks. Being my nature to always be comfortable, my wife says that is my goal in life, I found that I could not swim around easily with one hand holding my drink and trying to swim with the other. I came up with an idea to develop an adapter so that the bottom part of the adapter slid into a noodle and the top part securely held all types of beverage containers. Cans and bottles are my favorite, but my wife likes the plastic beverage containers that holds her favorite tropical drinks. I needed to design a product that would adapt to each type of beverage container with the different types of insulated holders and hold them tightly in place. The Drink N Noodle has a unique internal design to securely hold all types of beverage containers which keeps them from slipping out and falling into the water.

And so the Drink N Noodle was born!

Enjoy everyone!!!
The Drink N Noodle Family

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